Do you want to protect your family home from care home fees?

Gardner Iliff & DowdingWith an ageing population having to sell the family home to pay for long term care is a major concern for many people according to long established Cannock law firm Gardner Iliff & Dowding.

They say many people fear having to sell the family home to meet the costs of long term care but do not realise that through carefully prepared Wills and ensuring they hold their property in the appropriate way, couples can protect the share of the property of the first of them to die for their family if the survivor of them requires long term care in the future.

Many people assume they can give their homes away to their children to avoid paying care home fees. Whilst they are indeed able to do so, this does pose a number of risks to them and can leave them very vulnerable. Furthermore, it does not guarantee any protection of the family home as it may be viewed as deliberate deprivation of capital by the local authority.

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